Profile in English
Profile in English
1981-1985    The Juilliard School     Diploma
1986-1987    The Juilliard School     Bachelor’s
1987-1988    The Juilliard School     Master’s
1981-1987    Alfred University, Alfred N.Y.    Summer Chamber Music Institute
Main Orchestra Experience As a Guest Concert master
1995          Jupiter Symphony N.Y. (Jens Nygaard conducting)
1998-2003 Ensemble Kobe (Leon Spieler [Ex Berlin Philharmonic Concertmaster],Cond
                                        Tetsuro Ban [Theater Regensburg in Germany,GMD],Cond)
2004      Opera Orchestra in Kokura, Kyushu (Piergiorgio Morandi cond.)
2009      Kobe City Chamber Ensemble (Gerhald Bosse Ex Gewandhaus Orchestra 
                                                                            conductor and concert master conducting.)
Performing experience
1988-1990 Violinist in Parnassos String Quatet performed in The U.S.
1988-1996 Chamber Music Concerts in N.Y, Shanghai and Japan.
1996           Recital in Carnegie Weill Recital Hall and Tokyo Bunka Kaikann with Y.Kakeya(Pf.).
1996-2011 Many Recitals in Japan and Colombia South America.
◆Violin Concertos performed with Orchestras
・J.S. Bach, No.1& No.2, Brandenburg Concerto No.3 & No.5,
・L.v Beethoven op.61,
・M. Bruch No.1,
・A.Corelli Concerto Groosi,
・J.Haydn No.1 C Major,
・Handel Concerto Grossi,
・Mendelssohn e minor,
・Mozart No.5 A major,
・Vivaldi 4 seasons, e minor Concerto,G Major Concerto  
・Vivaldi Concerto grossi.  
Scholarships from The Juilliard School and Alfred University
An assistant to Joseph Fuchs at The Juilliard School(1988-1994)
Faculty at Alfred University Chamber Music Institute(1988-1993) 
1993-2011  La Strada String Ensemble (Tamaki Kanaseki Director)
1996-1998  Taller Leon Simar de Verano, Cali, Colombia
1988-1989  He performed Beethoven and Tchaikowsky Concerto in Nara, Japan with Orchestras in Nara prefecture.
                   Formed “Parnassos String Quartet ”, and performed in the U.S.A.
                   New york, Nevada and Arizona / (Mozart, Mendelssohn, Ravel, Puccini)
                   Began to practice Jazz inspired by Kiyoto Fujiwara a famous Jazz basist.
                   He joined The Paragon Rag Time Band under Rich Benjamin.
                   Parnassos Quartet gave recitals in Pall Hall at The Juilliard  Schoool, 
                    and Harder Hall in Alfred university, N.Y.
1989-1993  Performed Chamber Music at Alfred Summer Chamber Music Institute in Alfred N.Y.
                   (With Joseph Fuchs, Mineko Yajima, Claire Chan Vn. Bob Dan Va. Dorothy Lawson Vc.
                   Katsurako Mikami Pf. etc.)
                   Recital at Hoff-Barthelson School, N.Y Albert Lotto Pf. (Brahms, Franck etc)
1994                        Recital at Hoff- Barthelson School, N. Y. Albert Lotto Pf. (Faure, Straus)
                   Piano Trio Concert at Hoff-Barthelson N.Y. Albert Lotto Pf. Michael Mermagan Vc. (Beethoven etc.)
                   Gave Violin Recitals in Tokyo (Albert Lotto Pf.) and Nara (Tomomi Ohrui), Japan. Works of Brahms, Mozart, Bach etc.
1995                        Gave Charity Concerts in Kobe, Japan after Hanshin Awaji Earth Quake.      
                   La Strada String Ensemble gave concerts in Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.
                   Played Tchaikowsky Concerto in Japan (Kochi Symphony Orchestra)
1996                         Played Bach Double Concerto in New York (Jupiter Symphony)
                   Recital in New York (Carnegie Weill Recital Hall) and Tokyo (Bunka Kaikann) with Yuzo Kakeya (Pf.).
                   Works of Beethoven, Prokofiev and etc.
                   Invited to Taller Leon Simar in Cali Colombia as a faculty. Played Bach Violin Concerto No.1 A minor.
                   (Orquesta de Taller Simar) in Sala Beethoven.
                   He moved back to Japan.
1997                        Second Taller Simar in Cali Colombia. Played Vivaldi Spring from 4 Seasons (Orquesta de Taller Simar)         
                   Concert Tour 
                   Works as faculties
1988-1995  Assistant of Joseph Fuchs at The Juilliard School
1988-1994  Faculty of chamber music at Alfred University Summer Chamber Music Institute, Alfred N.Y.
1989-1995  Faculty at Hoff-Barthelson Music School of New York
1996-1999  Faculty at El Taller Leon Simar in Cali, Colombia, South America
2004                        Faculty at Chamber Music Festival in Akiyosidai, Yamaguchi
2006            Giving Master Class Lessons at The Consertory in Cali, Colombia
1996-present    ASK Music School in Kobe, Japan

A native of Nara, Japan. Tamaki Kanaseki lived in the US for 15 years after being accepted at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York to study under the great violinist Joseph Fuchs whose assistant he later became. He has learned not only the violin technique, but also ensemble and chamber music, because of the linier tradition of Joseph Fuchs, whose education would go back to the time of Johannes Brahms, Joseph Joachim and Joseph Hellmesberger in the 19th.century. The great Hanshin earthquake of 1995 was the motivation for Kanaseki to return to Japan. Realizing the healing power of music for those who had lost everything in the disaster, in May 1996 he came back to perform charity concerts in Kobe to benefit the victims of the earthquake.
Kanaseki’s solo recitals and chamber music concerts have thrilled audiences in the US, Japan, China and South America and he has performed concertos with orchestras such as the Osaka Philharmonic and Osaka Century Orchestra, the Jupiter Symphony in New York and Orquesta del Valle in Colombia. Numerous musical appearances on TV and Radio Shows include the NHK FM Recital.
In 1993, Kanaseki formed the acclaimed string ensemble La Strada, which actively performs all over Japan.